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How your Instagram content can make or break your Restaurant

The content you post on Instagram says a lot about your Restaurant. Choose carefully.

We'll keep this simple. Which steak would you rather eat... The one pictured here....

Or the one pictured here....

Actual Instagram Post by a Restaurant in Connecticut

It's obvious that the steak in the first pic is far more appealing than the second. Put yourself in your costumers shoes... You're starving, hangry and deprived of basic nutrients. So you pull out your phone, and open Google- you type in "Restaurants near me".

If your restaurant's Website, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp or Facebook is active or connected to your Google account, your pictures are the first thing people see when they go to search. So why not post only the best visually appealing content for your costumers to see? Restaurants make this mistake all the time.

Instagram is a POWERFUL tool for the restaurant business as it is extremely transparent. After 5 seconds you can tell if a restaurant is doing extremely well by the content they're posting, frequency of their posting, amount of followers and engagements (likes, comments, shares etc).

The content and activity you post on your Instagram can literally make or break your restaurant. This is why it is critical to post ONLY high quality content at least once a day. Let's take a look at another example.

Now... minus the presentation.... Which calamari are you more likely to try based on these pics- top or bottom?

Photography by Revamp Media Group // Tomo 68 Naugatuck Connecticut
Instagram post by a restaurant in Connecticut

Kind of a no brainer isn't it? The first pic was taken during a menu shoot for one of our clients. Notice the clarity, vibrant colors and how visually appealing it is. The second was taken form an anonymous Instagram account of a restaurant in Connecticut. In the interest of privacy, we won't mention who it is :)

In conclusion... choose your content wisely! Be extremely conscious of the fact that even something as simple as a hard post on Instagram represents your restaurant. Take the time out to schedule menu, cocktail, and ambience shoots as it will make a world of difference. If you don't have the budget to schedule a professional shoot, use your smart phone. Both iPhone and Android take stunning visual pics when set in the right lighting.

*Instagram tip: There IS such thing as posting too much on Instagram. 1 to 2 high quality posts a day are perfect for that platform. If you're posting 3-5 times a day using low quality content than you're more likely to lose followers.

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