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Connecticut's Top 5 Food Bloggers & Influencers

Using a Food Blogger (also known as "Foodie or Foodie Influencer"), for local press or to build your social media presence can be extremely effective. We use them all the time here at Revamp Media. Below are Connecticut's top 5 Food Bloggers & Influencers that you can reach out to and invite to come to your restaurant and post.


Alycia is the founder of CT Eats Out and a freelance food and travel writer. She's written for publications such as Travel + Leisure, Food522, and Seasons Magazine. She was recently featured on Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours to Hell and Back show during a remodel of Vasis Taverna.

With a strong Instagram following of 67.9 thousand followers she's bound to get the buzz out about your restaurant and send engagements thru the roof on your social media with one post.

You can find out more about Alycia and inquire about bookings here:

Photography by Natalie "The New England Foodie" // Instagram @new_england_foodie

The New England Foodie

Natalie travels around New England trying out the best restaurants and places to eat in the area.

Originally born in Chicago, Natalie is now a Connecticut native. She's a wife and mom to two kids ... and 10 chickens.

With an impressive Instagram following of 12.8 Thousand followers, Natalie has an amazing way of posting organic content that gets tons of engagement.

You can follow Natalie on Instagram:


Monique Sourinho is a professional photographer, recipe developer, commercial food stylist & Blogger.

With perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram handle's to admire, Monique mastered the art of making it "look good".

You can check out Monique's Instagram and her website at

Food of CT

Allison, also known as "Food of CT" is 21 college student at the University of Fairfield.

She's great at starting a buzz about your restaurant using hashtags, profile tags and sends engagements thru the roof when tasked to do so!

Instagram @ food_of_ct

CT Foodie

A Hartford Connecticut Native, CT Foodie has an awesome following on the Facebook platform.

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