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3 Reasons why Twitter is essential for your restaurant business.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

You may not think it, but Twitter can be a powerful Social Media Platform to grow awareness for your business. It may not be the best platform to drive restaurants new clients, but it's great for testing new ideas and getting a lot of volume out there. Here are a few ways you can use Twitter to your advantage.

1) Twitter profiles rank high on Google's Search Engine.

Twitter ranks right up there with Youtube when it comes to organic search results. In some cases, it will rank higher than a restaurant's website. So for instance, if someone types in "Ordinary Joe's" Restaurant" in Google, most likely that restaurant's Twitter profile is going to show up in the top page as long as you are actively posting on Twitter.


2) Twitter is considered your "loud" platform to test engagements.

Twitter is a great way to test engagements for your restaurant. Most strong Twitter profiles actively post 8-10 times a day. The cool thing is you can never post too much on Twitter, as opposed to let's say Instagram or Facebook. You don't want to post too much, especially on Instagram (we'll talk Instagram strategies in another post). You can test new concepts by seeing which post had the most shares and or re-tweets.


3) You can tell your brand's story on Twitter.

You can tell a story of your restaurant on your Twitter feed and see what get's the most likes and retweets. For instance, you can post pictures of different items on your menu on Twitter. From there look at what had the most likes and retweets and then post to your other platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Aerial food shot of a new Menu Shoot that we did for our clients at Mezzo Grille in Middletown, Connecticut.

Twitter Tips:

  1. Tweet early and often.

  2. Jump on relevant trending topics that relate to the restaurant industry.

  3. Use data to make decisions.

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